Sunday, September 14, 2008

United we stand during this grave hour of Operation BAD

Operation BAD, an extravagant name given to the series of blasts that have rocked India in the recent months. Reality is India seems to have become the punching bag used by the terrorists to hone their skills, improve their confidence and convince the venture capitalists funding terrorism that they still have the fire power in them. This is a story of the events that happened during one such blast that rocked the capital of the country.

Let us now go back in time. (If only we could actually go back and avert the tragedy)

13 September 2008 6:02 PM, 5 minutes before the blasts:
  • The central government is basking in the glory of the nuclear deal.
  • The central opposition parties are still crying foul over the manner in which the nuclear deal was signed.
  • The state government is preparing for the week end and are happy that not many issues were raised by the opposition.
  • The state opposition are happy that they have shown the people that they are still in the equation.
  • The news agencies are busy looking at Bollywood releases, fashion events, sports. Some are studying the stock market and Singur issues.
  • Security agencies and police are happy that the Ahemdabad case is nailed down. Good work indeed. Some of them are still on alert but with no good leads.
  • People accompanied with children have gone to malls and markets. While others are gearing up for the Saturday matinee film, soap's and news. Some children have just returned home after playing.
  • Most astrologers and numerologists are predicting a good future for India while others are predicting the end of the world.
  • Overall India has moved over the tumultuous period in the recent months.
13 September 2008 6:06 PM, 1 minute before the blasts:
  • There is a gloom in the air. Mother nature seems to know that something bad is going to happen.
  • There are still some seconds to go. But the warning is too late.
  • The chain of events has been perfectly set. It is now inevitable.
  • A 11 year boy has seen something suspicious. But his age cannot fathom the difference between demons in the form of humans and humans.
  • The clock will now strike 6:07 PM.
13 September 2008 6:07 PM. First blast occurs:
  • The first blast occurs.
  • People are killed, injured. It looks like chaos might take over.
  • But the remaining majority jumps in to calm the situation down and help take the injured to the hospitals.
  • Police present at the site also jump in and maintain order.
  • It is amazing to see how a set of unrelated people come together as a team and alleviate the situation.
  • Other actors in the story are still unaware as to what has happened.
13 September 2008 6:09 PM. Two minutes since the first blast:
  • Some people who have been looking at the scene from far away rush in to help.
  • Medics and more police arrive and start helping.
  • News agencies are still confused about the cause of the blast.
  • People switch to the news channels and are shocked to see the terrible scenes. How could some one do this to innocent people?
  • Reports are now sent to the state / central government / opposition parties.
  • Investigation agencies / police now take up the task of finding the culprits. Its more difficult after the incident has happened as it has already given others a chance to put an easy remark of irresponsibility on the concerned departments.
  • Few intelligent people of the government / opposition appeal for the calm and unity.
  • Although divisions start erupting across the country, people present at the blast site set up an exemplary performance. It is this unity that has saved the situation.
  • Police manage to diffuse bombs there by avoiding more tragedy.
There will be four more blasts. But even before that the divine comedy begins.
  • It starts with an astrologer claiming that the planetary positions always showed that India was in grave danger.
  • A numerologist claims that he had suggested to the government that the name India should be changed to Indea.
  • The state chief minister, prime minister and the president open up an age old speech to condemn the attacks like a chore job.
  • The home minister and the defense minister impromptu blame some organization and the international help given to them.
  • Other ministers of the center blame the state government for not being in a state of alert.
  • The opposition party now starts screaming at the state and central government for security lapse.
  • The opposition party leader comments that the prime minister is a failure.
  • News channels claim that the blast situation was not handled correctly.
  • Security agencies are now trying to plug in the holes. This must be done.
  • Operation name is suggested as BAD and not JBAD. We have completely forgotten about Jaipur blasts.
  • Reporters are now harassing the injured with ill thought questions. The typical "How does it feel...".
  • Some people want to punish the entire community to which the terrorists belong.
  • Why o Why does this has happen for every crisis situation?
Following are the questions that still remain unanswered:
  • Why do our security agencies never receive an email long before the blasts occur?
  • Why is there no unity between all the political parties at this critical juncture?
  • Is this the right time to fight and play blame games?
  • Why is no stern action being taken by the prime minister instead of shallow excuses and promises?
  • Why do the reporters harass people?
  • Why do news channels talk more about the terrorist master minds to eulogize them and not even mention the great work people and police put together on the blast site? Why not give them a courage awards?
  • How do the majority of Indian public remain indifferent to the killing of the innocent people? What if someone from their family becomes a victim?
  • How do we forget about the blasts in just few days?
But every nation has its weaknesses. I believe this is the time when the staunchest of the divisions break apart. This is the time we unite and fight for India irrespective of what our differences in religion, language,.... This is the time that will be a true test of our great nation and our great civilization. This is the time we show the world the prowess of India.

Time will come when the reason for the blasts will be fully analyzed to the minute details. The only thing is now is not the right time.

15 September 2008 This time we have not forgotten the blasts :
United we stand.

[PS: This story is my inference of what happens after a blast occurs. It is based on the news that I look at and the articles that I read.]

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