Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sour Grapes

The sun was scorching the earth. On such a hot summer day a fox was wandering about to quench his thirst. Then his eyes were fixed on a bunch of grapes on a vine. Ah! that’s what I need he said. He ran towards the tree to grab the bunch lest others see it. The vine had climbed a long way up and the grapes were out of his reach. So he tried to jump but could not reach them. He then took a few steps back, started running and jumped to grab the grapes. But success was elusive. After many futile attempts he gave up and announced that the grapes must surely be sour. That's the end of the bed time story announced our grandmother. We all laughed at the foolishness of the fox and went to sleep. But was the fox really foolish?

In the recent past there have been a lot of cases where pressure has caught up with people of all ages. Kids, students, professionals, senior citizens have all been affected by it. Depressions are becoming a common part of our society. With all my due respects some of them have even taken the extreme step.

We tend to cling to things that we want badly but cannot get them no matter how hard we try. Was the fox intelligent in realizing that the grapes were out of his reach? I was listening to a nice talk on YouTube when I got another perspective to the Sour Grapes story.


Anonymous said...

I think that the fox was intelligent in realizing that the grapes were not not within his reach. It's not like he didn't give it his best shot.

I have also seen that Jamie Pugh video. I hope he wins!

Vishal Pai Vernekar said...

I agree with you. Do continue to read and write your thoughts.

Yeh he is an excellent talent.

Andesh said...

Hi Vishal,
Putting your heart and soul into a task, together with persistence till the end - no doubt this makes the single most important key to success.

While most people take inspirations from various sources to enable them to continue the battle till the end, not knowing when to stop may prove to be the greatest loophole in their effort.

As subtle as this characteristic may appear to be, it is equally important. It is important to accept your inability to proceed further. It is important to understand when to let go. It is important to start afresh.

Congratulations on such a wonderful post which brings out this aspect of 'winning'.

Vishal Pai Vernekar said...

Yes completely agree with you. Do continue reading and providing deeper insights :)

Sangram said...

on a lighter note, maybe Fix knew that the grapees are out of his reach but he wanted to fill in his time-sheet :)

Vishal Pai Vernekar said...


I Love the Way I am said...

Fox was very intelligent bro..Look for all the options available before u declared ur self looser. Move on...way to go...Mushi Mushi

Vishal Pai Vernekar said...