Friday, October 15, 2010


It was 5 pm in the evening. A stranger from far away land reached the village outskirts. A huge structure was being constructed at that very place. Hundreds of workers were working hard to complete the construction.

The stranger went to a worker who was sitting on a rock. The worker was tired. What is being constructed here? asked the stranger. I don't know and I don't care said the worker. I don't even know why I am here. Go get lost. The stranger was taken aback. But without much fuss he stopped the conversation and went ahead as if nothing had happened.

It was almost 6pm and all the workers were leaving for home. The stranger caught up with one of them and asked what is being constructed here? We are constructing a temple here. You know what I am getting late for home. My family is waiting for me he said. The stranger smiled and let him go to his home.

It was now 8 pm and there was only one worker still working. What is being constructed here? the stranger asked. We are constructing a temple here. Come here, this structure that I am building has great significance. And that structure that I have built will help people coming from far away places. The one that you see towards your right is specially made for the god. The conversation continued for another hour or so.

In the entire story who do you think is the better man and why?

1. The first worker
2. The second worker
3. The third worker
4. The stranger
5. None

And don't make the mistake of analyzing it from the perspective of just work or temple construction or organization or family or success or failure etc. Go to the root.


Andesh said...

I am trying to learn not to judge a person being good/bad without knowing the state of mind in which he was when he reacted. :)

sakey said...

The first two workers were just labors while the third was the management

Vishal Pai Vernekar said...
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Vishal Pai Vernekar said...


good perspective :)

but as i said work is just a parameter and can be replaced by anything

Saket Saurav said...

No, what I meant here was the third person knew what he was doing. What the purpose was and what are the benefits . I mean in and out of his job.
Also the kind of patience he showed for an stranger is also commendable.

Thats the reason I picked third :)