Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I arrived at the bus stop well ahead of time. Dang I said. Luckily I could connect to the internet and follow the greatest spectacle of the decade, Anand v/s Kramnik. A fight between two of the best players of our times. A clash of two schools of thought. An enticing prospect on the whole. It would be a great challenge for the players to fight the battle. But there was a bigger one in store and it was not related to the game.

I was following the game closely trying to analyze the positions when my attention was diverted to a family with one kid and his parents. Tragedy had struck them. The kid was blind. But they had overcome this difficult situation. Today they were teaching the kid to identify an obstacle in his way. The kid was trying hard to overcome this challenge. But he was faltering every single time. He was getting frustrated with his progress but with the help of his parents he was rising again with a new hope. This was going on for around five minutes and I had completely lost the track of the spectacle I was so eager to follow just a while ago.

Then to my pleasant surprise Anand had won the match and had taken a sizable lead. Anand had overcome his challenge. At that moment I could hear a joyous cry and I was greatly relieved to see that the child had overcome his obstacle once and then several times. There would be many more challenges in his life.

Today, the challenge I had was to identify an issue customers were complaining about. I hoped I could stand up to it. Just then the bus arrived and I scrambled to pack my bag and get in.

A thought in the background made me realize that each one of us have a set of challenges. It is not easy to step into each others shoes. I could not imagine myself being in Anand's position or in the kid's shoes. I wonder what the kid and Anand would have to say about that.


sagar said...

best !! n now i want to it imaginary ? :) i think not !! if yes then well-crafted, well-knitted (is it a word ?)...

sagar said...
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sagar said...

hey where is village elder ?missing him here :) i think he was driving that bus...correct? ..kidding..

Vishal Pai Vernekar said...

:) Yeh he was driving the bus.

Sangram said...

short and neat ... well said ... "each one of us have a set of challenges. It is not easy to step into each others shoes"

started reading the old posts [:)] good treat for off-work hours

keep blogging

Vishal Pai Vernekar said...

Thanks a lot Sangram for the comments. It feels good :).

Do continue reading and providing more feedback.