Wednesday, October 8, 2008


A political representative was paying a visit to our village. The mood was upbeat. Preparations had been underway to welcome him. Elders and children had been preparing for this visit in different ways. Me and my friends were planning a coup to cajole the representative into providing a better play ground to our village.

He was greeted with a lot of cheers. There was a small platform setup on which he and the village elder's were sitting. We had to scramble to bring the chairs at the last moment. All the villagers were sitting on the ground. Me and my friends were looking for an opportunity to talk to the representative.

The village elder was the first to speak. He gave a hearty welcome to the representative and made us aware of all the achievements of the representative. He then spoke about how our village had improved since the last year and finally spoke about the shortcomings of the village. He then asked the representative to address us. I was disappointed that the village elder had not spoken about the need for a playground. The representative spoke eloquently about all the initiatives he had taken in the entire state with a small mention of our village as well.

As the representative was about to finish his impressive talk, me and my friends were fast walking towards the platform. But we had to stop as a young child beat us in the race to climb the stage. She went straight to the representative and displayed the injury she had sustained while walking on the village road. Can't you do something about the village road she said? Me and my friends had made a silent retreat. After another 6 months the tar road had been constructed.

Besides an article that encompassed the entire page of the daily describing a film star, there was a small section that read "A teacher makes difference to the village. For the first time two kids from that village had cracked a competitive exam held in our state.".


Paresh said...

All of your stories are village stories. Can you write a city story? You need to spice up your stories....;)

vpai said...

As I say the village is just a reference point :).

For spiced up stories you sure know where to look for ;)

Kapil Singbal said...

did not get this story.. who were these kids and the teacher? and paresh is right... write some urban story....

vpai said...

The young child had grown to become a teacher who had made the difference to a village. Guess some improvement is needed in the story telling :).

As I said the village is merely a reference point. It gives me the freedom to tackle complex issues in a simple way without giving much thought to sophistication you would normally associate with people in a city. To me the sophistication is just another wrapper over how these people behave. This is not of much use to the message I am trying to convey.

Do write your views on the same.