Sunday, November 23, 2008


A clang had been enough to excite the entire village. The news had spread like wild fire. Rumors had also been doing the rounds. Everyone was talking about it. He had struck something. Some said it might be a trunk full of gold. Some were of the opinion that it might be a bag full of diamonds. Each one of us had a spectacular view on the contents of the trunk. Me and my friends wished for some nice toys. Everyone had gathered around the site while a small metal box had been dug out.

It was an usual Saturday morning. Most of the people were working in the fields. A few were working in the pottery shop. There was a long queue outside the shop and the shop keeper was trying to meet everyone's demands in the best way he could. The fisher man had just come to the village. We were busy playing.

At that very moment we saw people flocking towards the fields keeping all their work aside. Out of curiosity we mingled with them and that's when we heard them talking about the trunk and the gold and the diamonds.

The entire village had gathered to witness the opening ceremony of the metal box. Some were happy for him. Some were jealous. A few dreaming about finding the box themselves. Some planning to dig their fields to try and find a big fortune. Some doubting the character of the man. Each group of people showing a different emotion.

All the eyes were now turned on him while he opened the box. First to come out were a few amulets of silver. Then two golden bangles. He was smiling. Every one was expecting some diamonds to appear when he held held out something that looked like a paper. There was no smile on his face anymore. He had dropped the metal box and also dropped the ornaments . As the box fell out came a few pieces of cloth. There were tears in his eyes. But he seemed to be happiest man in the world. He was smiling again with tears still flowing from his eyes. It was a photograph. He was meeting his parents after 19 years. It was the only one he had.

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