Sunday, December 14, 2008


Another year had gone by at school. The next year would bring a myriad of changes that we were not ready for. We were gripped with uneasiness and doubts had crippled our mind. We had a lot of discussions on coping up with the changes but did not find any satisfactory answer. As we were not making any headway, we decided to talk about it to our teacher.

He was citing examples of various other students to comfort us but it was not having the desired effect. Just then it had started drizzling. Oh! not the rain's we said. But the teacher was smiling. He asked us to sit down and started narrating a story. What is rain he asked? Drops of water falling from the sky we replied in chorus. Today I will tell you a story of rain drops falling from the sky. We were patient as there was no other choice.

One day I heard a group of rain drops talking to each other he said. They were all worried about their fate while they were falling to the ground. One said he was afraid of being torn into smaller drops by the wind The second said she was afraid of falling into the fire. Few others were afraid of falling into dustbins and all were afraid of falling into the dung. Yuck we all said.

As they were falling to the ground they withstood the forces that were trying to destroy them. They did so in their own way. A group of drops fell over the children playing happily in the garden. Another group helped quench the thirst of living beings. Yet another group gave life to trees. A few ones who managed to direct themselves against the forces managed to fall into the mouth of the oyster's to become pearls. But everyone had been successful in one way or the other. There cannot be any comparisons made between their success.

We had left fully satisfied. For a few days we also tried listening to rain drops talk without success. This story had a lasting effect on us. Years later we realized that the story had actually been an extension to a poem. That day has been etched into my memory deeply.


Paresh said...

cool..this one i can understand except for one part... which poem?

Anonymous said...

Good one. Keep blogging.