Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Over the past one year the horrific incident of 26/11 has been analyzed at length in various dimensions by every one, the media, political leaders, military strategists and even by the common man (like me) over the lunch and dinner table.

Today the memoirs of that incident bring forth several mixed thoughts:
- Lazy bums in the intelligence agencies and the government who did nothing to stop the terror attack.
- A brave media who covered the incident.
- A foolish media who became the eyes of the terrorists.
- Those little battles people might have fought inside the Taj to fend off the terrorists. Nobody knows about them.
- Families who lost their dear ones in the incident.
- The supreme sacrifice of Sandeep Unnikrishnan. "Do not come up. I will handle them" were his last words.
- The way our commandos fought the terrorists.
- Commandos traveling in BEST bus.
- Exemplary help provided at the site of the incident by people regardless of religion and caste.
- Doctors who might have saved dozens of lives.
- The ousting of the then home minister.
- The rise of the new home minister.
- No such incidents in the last one year.
- Headely being captured.
- Voices to hang Kasab.
- Heightened security. Alert security agencies.
- Finally India did not forget about the loss of lives on that fateful day.

Yet among all this analysis there is a fundamental question that needs an answer.

Every man wants to live a simple, happy and a good life. A small paycheck, some food and a simple family is enough to please him. As a child nobody has an aim to become a terrorist. Then why do some men like "Kasab" become the blood thristy terrorists?
- Is it a career choice?
- Is it their economic condition that forces them to get brainwashed?
- Is it their basic instinct?
- Is it their economic condition?
- Is it lack of education?
- Is it exploitation?

The solution to the problem of terrorism lies in answering these questions and quickly acting on them. We can at least prevent the creation of terrorists within.

Lets take some time today to think about all those who were affected on that apocalyptic day. Salutes to everyone who make our lives safe.

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