Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Pack

It was the eve of a festive occasion. Everybody in the house was busy attending to the relatives who were visiting us. Four of us, two in sixth and two in seventh standard, were climbing the steps in stealth mode. Our errand was to open a huge glass container kept near a window on the first floor and taste the liquid inside. The liquid happened to be a crystal clear form of liquor.

We had reached the first floor without anybody noticing us. Carefully we opened the lid of the container. Two of us tilted the glass container and poured the liquor into another smaller container. Just as we were about to finish one of us cried "No! we have poured some of it on the floor."

The floor was made of long wooden planks bolted on top of thick wooden beams. We could see the ground floor through the crevices between the wooden planks. The liquid was seeping through the cracks onto the ground floor. Drops of liquor were now falling right amongst the elders who were seated in the same room discussing matters concerning the village.

We could first hear them whisper and then talk aloud. What's that smell? That's liquor. Is anybody drunk here? Come on none of us drink. Hey something is leaking on the first floor and it smells like liquor.

And then we were facing them. Why did you open the liquor container? What were you guys up to? If this is how you behave at this age then what are you guys going to do when you grow up? We stood there silently.

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Stallion 39 said...

great minds...they grow up n become great people :)