Saturday, January 2, 2010


Today I saw a unique collection. A collection of excellent emails spanning 10+ years. For about an hour or more I was reading through the stories, jokes, optical illusions, puzzles, historical events, speeches etc. Among all of them one story really stood out.

The story begins with a young child walking into an ice cream shop. He asked the attendant for the cost of the popular chocolate ice cream. 10 Rupees said the attendant expecting the child to walk out of the shop due to lack of money. What is the cost of the ice cream next to the chocolate one asked the child? That costs Rupees 8 said the attendant in an irritated voice. The child silently bought this ice cream and ate it happily. When the time came to pay, the child paid Rupees 8 and then kept a tip of Rupees 2 to the attendant. The attendant accepted the Rupee 2 note with a teary eye. That was the end of the story.

There are a certain set of etiquettes followed by the customer and the attendant. Similarly there are a set of etiquettes followed by author, director, producer and actor. It is really sad to see some of the leading stars and well educated people being involved in a fight over a petty film called "Three idiots". Or should I call it "Four idiots" (Author, Actor, Director and Producer who forgot the real message they were trying to spread across with the book and the film).


Jon said...

Nice way to tie in "3 idiots" with this oft-repeated story of a child at the ice cream parlor.

Sangram said...

ha ha ...! I agree re ... when you reach certain level, people look up to you. These fights n all should not happen at that level!