Monday, January 25, 2010


I met them exactly after one year. Just as before we were engrossed disucssing various errands we had undertaken in the last one year. While I was engrossed mostly with work and re-creation they had come to realize the limitations of old age and were learning to adjust to this new adventure. Yet our conversation's always had something for me to learn.

They had reached the bank 15 minutes before the closing time. They had verified that the bag of coins contained exactly 100 dollars. Although the bank agent was wrapping up her work for the day, she greeted them with a smiling face. They handed the bag to the agent and asked for a 100 dollar note in exchange. She verified the amount and was about to give the 100 dollar note when she noticed something. She took out a peculiar looking one dollar coin.

Are you new to this place? she asked. Yes we are. Look at this coin carefully said the agent. It is made of silver. Ah! yes we never noticed it. Only a few thousand coins of these type were minted a few years ago on the occasion of president's birth anniversary. The cost of this coin in the market will be about 50 dollars. I don't know how much a numismatist will offer you. Here is the 100 dollar note and here is your special coin. Keep it safely.

They were wonder struck with the honesty the bank agent had shown.

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