Tuesday, February 2, 2010


The sun had set and in no time it was dark. We were still trying our best to find the lost cricket ball in the bushes. Why did he have to hit the ball so hard at this hour? A few of us were complaining. After much struggle we were still not able to find it. Finally we decided to come back early in the morning to continue our search.

Five of us were then strolling towards home. Look at the moon one among us said. Look at the beautiful crescent shape added another. Yes and do you see that star asked a boy who was elder to us. Yes we can see the star, we said. You will have to wait for some time for that star to enter into the crescent. You will then see the crescent and star symbol in the sky. Wow! we said.

For the next hour we were patiently waiting for the star to move and enter into the crescent as is shown in all the pictures. When that did not happen we wished for the moon to move towards the star. After a while some one had come looking out for us and we had left for home.

For another year or so we would look at the moon and any star nearby and wished for either the star or the moon to move before we realized we had been tricked.

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