Monday, February 8, 2010


As we stepped into the college we were greeted by a humble person in mid 60's. After the initial greetings we were served tea and biscuits. We then began introducing ourselves. He was the final person to speak.

He had achieved a lot over the years winning several awards and recognitions. Then at the age of 58 or so he had decided to leave all that glory and had come to the college with one passion in mind, betterment of the younger generation. As we introduced the concept we were trying to implement he was immediately able to visualize it and thus was able to provide some great suggestions we had not seen at all.

Amidst our conversation he gave us an interesting perspective. He said he always respects and supports a decision made by person around him. It does not matter if the decision is not completely right but the person has put in thought behind it and he respects that.

Those simple words got me thinking for a long time. Many a times we have a tendency to be absolutely critical of the entire work and the person who did it just because 1% of it was not done in the right way. Before we speak in disrespectful manner we should first realize that the person did 99% of the work in the right way.

Students call him Pitambare sir. He is the Dean Training and placement officer at Sinhagad college of Engineering. He is also known by a nickname "".

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