Sunday, February 21, 2010


It was truly a nail biting finish at the Eden Garden’s. I was reading an article that was describing the last few moments of the game in a ball by ball manner when I realized something. No, not that the team was assured of the numero uno spot for the year. Nor the fact that the team was assured a large sum of money.

I was looking at the score card. Four players had scored a century each. Three bowlers had performed very well in the match. What struck me was that these players belong to different parts of the country (North, South, East, West and Central). They believe in different faiths. They were brought up in different backgrounds. Yet they had come together and played as a splendid unit to chalk out one of the biggest wins.

In the current turbulent times when the country is being divided on so many trivial issues, our cricket team has set a great example of unity in diversity.

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I Love the Way I am said...

Well said… Agreed. Thanks to young generation who won't take interest in who (I mean Hindu, Muslim, Sikh) is bowling or bating in the last crucial over....

However, you can see the same spirit after the terrorist attacks not before that.We all care for humanity when we lose something...Not when we are on cloud 9. Hope one day we all will say we are safe because we lived in India..