Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Stroll

It was noon and I was walking towards home. I was looking for a way to quench my thirst when I saw a fruit vendor selling tender coconuts. Immediately I started walking towards him.

He was sitting beneath a huge mango tree on a little home made seat. Behind the tree was a small house surrounded by a hedge. His elderly mother was sitting in the verandah cleaning rice. There was a little tailor shop where his wife was sewing. Two kids were playing in the verandah with their grandfather.

As I reached near the tree I could see that the vendor had cleaned up the area surrounding the tree and sprinkled water on it. I could here a prayer song playing softly on the small radio kept under his seat. On a wooden table he had arranged different kinds of fruits in an organized manner. Coconuts were kept on a sack by the side of the table.

I asked him for some coconut water. With a well sharpened knife he cut the top portion of the coconut, put a straw in it and gave it to me. While I was drinking the sweet coconut water in the shade of the tree it was refreshing to observe the serene scene.


sagar said...

we discussed it. What about the last line to be :
... i felt really refreshed. i could not decide is it because of the sweet coconut water or the serene scene !!...

but still a nice cinematography :D !

Vishal Pai Vernekar said...

Thanks :)

There could have been 3 reasons for me being refreshed.
- Shade of the tree in peak summer.
- The sweet coconut water.
- Serene scene.

But I was sure that it was not first two :). Really cannot compare the coconut water or the shade of the tree with the scene :)