Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Root II: Root is the foundation

The tower had collapsed. All the hard work done by everyone involved was now useless. The king was furious. My vision of building the tower that will take me to the moon has been destroyed he thought. He had to find a scapegoat.

You workers did not do a good job of construction! roared the king. But sire we are the best and the most passionate workers in the entire kingdom said the workers. How can we mess up the best work we ever got? May be the problem was with the material we used. But oh king I imported the best material in the world from the neighboring kingdom. May be the problem was with the mixture created to hold the material together. No that can never happen I used the best techniques to verify that everything was right. May be the problem was with the guards who did not guard the material right. Well, we have served the kingdom even at the cost of our lives. How can we do such a thing? May be the architecture of the tower was not right? The architecture was the best that could ever be. You can check with anyone in this world. May be the problem was the ground that was chosen to build the tower. But that is the hardest ground in the entire world and we have treated it likewise. May be the problem was with the feasibility study that we did. We did the best study based on the data available to us. We also did a new discovery on the way that people find it difficult to breathe after reaching higher altitudes.

All of this was true thought the king. So where was the problem? Then one citizen got up and said may be the root thought of building a tower to the moon was wrong in the first place.

- Root thought is like the foundation of a building.

- If the root is incorrect any thing built on top of it will fall.

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darshan said...

Awesome... The moral of the story is very true. Sir.