Saturday, June 16, 2012

Root III: Change in Root thought

In ancient times there arose a king who was known for his brutality. It is said that he killed his 99 brothers and several hundred ministers during his ascendance to the throne. Ascending the throne he expanded his empire far and wide.

And then he fought the greatest battle of his life. This battle raged for days killing 100000 soldiers and civilians who rose up in defense of the city. The enemy fought bravely. It seemed like he would not be able to win the war. But then like every winner he found that extra gear to make a final push and win the war. He had done what none of his ancestors could. His place in history was guaranteed.

He wanted to embarrass the enemy. So he took a walk in the city rejoicing his victory. But as he walked  he saw corpses lying everywhere. One had lost her son, other his wife, someone had lost their parents. There were burnt houses everywhere. Vultures made the sight even more grim. And then it dawned on him, if this is victory what was defeat?

That was the last war he ever fought.

- The king's root thought was at a point where he wanted to prove his strength by expanding his kingdom  through the means of war. From that root thought, "victory and defeat", "strength and weakness"  were two natural layers added above the root. But the result of the war removed the root itself. Now victory or defeat, strength or weakness did not matter.

- Once the root of the thought changes the previous achievements or fears disappear all together.

- Change in root is a one way road.

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